5 Tips for Studying at Home

1. Try Active Studying.
Active studying is as simple as asking questions before, during, and after study time. Not only does this help to give your study session direction, but it also helps keep you on track and reflect on how to improve for your next study session!

Active studying requires analyzing and understanding the main concept. Asking questions is an important part of having a full understanding of the subject. Don’t be shy to contact professors and classmates to help you fully understand the material.

Questions to ask yourself before you study:

  • What am I about to learn?
  • What do I already know about this subject?

Questions to ask yourself while you study:

  • Do I understand what I have just read?
  • What does the professor want me to understand?
  • Can I explain it in my own words?
  • Are there any keywords or ideas that I need to write down?
  • Why are these words and ideas important?

2. Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Multiple students have mentioned that their sleep pattern is thrown off due to their classes taking place virtually. The best way to ensure that the brain is refreshed and ready to process all of the information learned during the day is to get approximately eight hours of sleep every school night. Other factors such as social media may keep students from getting a good night’s rest. Set an alarm for when you should be in bed and stick to a consistent schedule!

3. Schedule Your Day
Hours can be waste procrastinating on video games as well as social media. Scheduling out the tasks you need to complete is essential to completing all your work.

4. Have A Designated Study Area
Find a space conducive for studying. Studying on your bed may not be the best location seeing that you can easily go to sleep. Studying at the kitchen counter, a desk, or dining room table could help students be more productive.

5. Eat Properly
Be sure to eat healthy before and after studying. Certain foods can produce more energy while others can reduce production. Healthy study snacks are also important to keep you going.

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