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Our goal is to position students to graduate debt-free while obtaining the necessary skills to maximize their college experience academically, professionally, and personally.

Meet The Team

Alexis Graduation

Alexis Black


Alexis Lenderman is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University with two degrees, a BBA and BA in Entrepreneurship and Global & International Studies with a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership a minor in Political Science.

She studied abroad 8 times to South Africa, India, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Italy, Ecuador, Senegal, and Hong Kong. All of these programs have been covered by scholarships and/or grants. Ecuador was fully-funded by the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship. 

Alexis graduated with over $200,000 in scholarships! 

She loves finding scholarships and helping others find scholarships as well. In her freshman year, she received $10,000 back from scholarships. One of her scholarships, Horatio Alger, was for $20,000 which included a trip to Washington, D.C. to accept the scholarship. 

What she’s been able to achieve is not impossible. It just takes planning, resourcefulness, and self-advocacy. 

​Her passion for making college more affordable and accessible didn’t stop with her business. She recently finished an internship on an Obama Initiative, The College Promise Campaign in Washington, D.C.

Alexis hopes to inspire other students to see beyond the limitations around them. She is the co-author of The Scholarship Blueprint and Redefining Normal. 

Justin Black

Director of Communications

Justin Black is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Public Relations and African Studies with a certification in Nonprofit Leadership. 

He studied abroad 5 times to South Africa, Senegal, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, and Hong Kong covering a variety of topics such as community sustainability and political economics. All of these programs have been covered by scholarships or grants. South Korea was fully-funded by the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship. 

In June 2020, Justin is graduating debt-free with over $170,000 in scholarships!

His passions include helping scholars find the funding and opportunities to maximize their college experience while utilizing their financial resources and network. 

Additionally, he is the founder of ROSE Empowerment Group. He is determined to position black and brown students to receive funding and opportunities to further benefit the future of their community. The goal is to help more students graduate college with limited debt as they transition into their careers.

Justin believes success is a community effort and navigating students through higher education is a must. He said: “To do so, we must fix our minds on our future and how to help our fellow students.”

Past Presentations

CGI University commitment maker

A CGI U Commitment-Maker is a student who has demonstrated a clear passion for change and has developed a Commitment to Action that is new, specific, and measurable in one of CGI U’s five focus areas: Education, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, or Public Health. Commitment-Makers are part of a growing community of leaders on college campuses around the world who are turning their ideas into action.

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