The Big Release

Ready for the big release? I personally can’t wait! There are many options to help students gain access to scholarship funding, and it’s all being released in ONE DAY!In celebration of being invited to speak at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on December 20th, 2019, The Scholarship Expert will be releasing a plethora of resources including the following:
The Scholarship Blueprint course:

  • A step-by-step course
  • An e-book
  • 8 bonus documents including
  • *Payment plans available

Whoa! That’s a lot of content. Some may get overwhelmed by the amount of options available. Allow me to give you a break down of each one. The Scholarship Blueprint is a four-module course structured to equip students with the necessary skills to graduate debt-free. This includes detailed strategies to assist students in finding, applying, and submitting scholarships more efficiently. The E-book is slightly less detailed and more simplistic. The 8 bonus sheets are quick tools to get you started in the scholarship process.
What’s even more amazing is the deal being offered. The First 100 participants will get the entire package for $97 ($250 after that).

The scholarship blueprint course!

Why is The Scholarship Expert doing a course?

Looking for scholarships is a long and exhausting process that often takes months to perfect. With the Scholarship Blueprint, we have simplified weeks worth of work into roughly 1 hour. The purpose of creating courses is to develop students into being scholarship experts themselves. We are determined to empower students to be independent, efficient, and self-reliant while utilizing the resources available in higher education. This is why we are giving away ALL of our secrets to finding scholarships. Alexis Lenderman, The Scholarship Expert’s founder, has graduated with over $200,000 in scholarship funding. With The Scholarship Expert guiding you through the process, we are confident that students will be in a position to exceed what Alexis has accomplished. There is no doubt that you can do the same!
If you’re not ready for the full course, check out the Scholarship Blueprint e-book here!

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