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My name is Alexis Lenderman and I founded the Scholarship Experts to help college students secure their future and finances. With the right tools and a clear path to follow, anyone can lead a debt-free future.

Growing up – I was told that college was a waste of time.

I had no money… and no direction of what I needed to do. All I had was a willingness to succeed. I decided to pursue my college journey anyway. But the biggest question was…

How would I pay for it?

I applied for any and everything my junior and senior year of high school – and received over 10 scholarships during my freshman year. That has allowed me to…

Study abroad 8 times.

Travel to 27 countries.

And pay for my tuition and books entirely.

In total I earned over $200,000 for college tuition.

From years of trial and error, I’ve developed techniques to assist students to be successful in their college career. That’s why; in 2016, I founded The Scholarship Expert. A guide structured to help students graduate debt free!

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