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We wanted to answer some FAQ’s that we received from our customers. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Q. What is The Scholarship Expert?
A. Founded in 2016, The Scholarship Expert is a scholarship coaching resource giving students and families control over their educational opportunities. The Scholarship Expert team has earned over $340,000 in scholarships and are using their proven tools and skills to help students find and apply for scholarships.

Q. What does The Scholarship Expert have to offer?
A. We offer a variety of products and services structured to help students prepare for their collegiate careers. Most recently, we’ve created The Scholarship Blueprint, a 1-hour online course teaching students the process of finding and applying for scholarships. Included with the course, are 8 bonus documents such as the Scholarship Tracking Worksheet and The Scholarship Blueprint ebook. Along with this, is the Scholarship Blueprint Workbook that allows students to personalize the course for their own scholarship journey. Check out our website for more information!

Q. Are these products/services only for foster youth?
A. No! Although the founder intended on only serving foster youth when she created The Scholarship Expert, she realized after serving over 400 students that most high school students have the same struggle: finding and applying for scholarships. Now, we serve every student and family that needs help finding resources to help alleviate the burden of college debt.

Q. Is it guaranteed that I find a scholarship?
A. No, there is never a guarantee but that is why there is success in numbers. The more you apply for, the better your chances. Most scholarships have hundreds, even thousands of applicants, so your scholarship application needs to stand out. There is a formula to applying for scholarships that we have perfected and want to share with all students to increase chances.

Q. I really need your support, but I cannot afford it, are there payment plans available?
A. Yes! Every product that we offer does provide a payment plan option to help every student and family afford our expertise.

Q. I am an international student applying for scholarships in the U.S. Are there additional requirements for me to access funding?
A. If you are applying to universities in the United States, then the process should be the same for all applicants. You should be able to follow the instructions given in The Scholarship Blueprint similar to that of U.S. students.

Q. What improvements have you made since relaunching your business?
A. Since relaunching on December 20th, 2019, our goal has been to teach students how to become their own scholarship experts. We wanted to help more students at one time rather than working one-on-one, which we why we created The Scholarship Blueprint online course, to give students and families access to the scholarship process right in their own home.

Q. I am a student returning to school after working for a few years. Can I receive any help from The Scholarship Expert?
A. Of course! Our strategies to help students discover funding opportunities is available for all university students currently in college or applying.

Q. I am an upperclassman in college, is there funding for me?
A. In short, yes. There is the most amount of money available for high school students and college freshman, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t funding available for current and graduating college students, that just means that you will need to be more resourceful. That is where we can help!

Q. Who is your ideal customer?
A. High school juniors and seniors are our ideal customer because they have access to the most amount of money, however, there is funding available for every class standing.

Q. I am wanting to go back for my masters and possibly my PHD, do you offer services to help me?
A. We primarily serve students seeking an undergraduate degree, but our process could be utilized towards all levels of education.

Q. Now that I’m home from school because of the coronavirus pandemic, are there steps I can take towards planning for my future?
A. This is the perfect time to plan and strategize for your future! With all of our products and services online, we are able to support you while in the comfort of your own home.

Q. Where do I start or how can I help?
A. You can start by liking The Scholarship Expert on Facebook and following us on Instagram. Also, check out our other products including The Perfect College Student Planner along with Sponsorship packages available to support students in need of support on The Scholarship Expert website!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us anytime at thescholarshipexpert@gmail.com

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