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The Scholarship Expert Job Description

Annually, students are missing out on billions of dollars worth of student aid simply because they do not have tools to access funding, this is where The Scholarship Expert comes in! The Scholarship Expert has developed strategies and resources to help students around the world access funding in order to minimize their debt burden upon graduation. Join us in our mission to minimize and eliminate student-debt for students going into college for the first time, currently in college, or who would like to go back to college.

About us: 

The mission of The Scholarship Expert is to position students to graduate debt-free while obtaining the necessary skills to maximize their college experience academically, professionally, and personally.

The Scholarship Expert was created in 2016 by founder Alexis Lenderman who graduated with over $200,000 in scholarships. Together, with business partner Justin Black, they’ve earned over $350,000 in scholarships. In late 2019, they decided to re-launch The Scholarship Expert with several new products and services such as The Scholarship Blueprint course and book as well as The Perfect College Student Planner, serving students around the world. 

Who we’re looking for:

The Scholarship Expert’s vision of getting their products and services into the hands of every student who is pursuing higher education while minimizing their debt is ambitious, but impossible without the support of individuals like you.

We want to fill multiple commission-based sales positions across the country to expand our impact through marketing and sales strategies with those who have experience in higher education, education, or those who have a passion for serving students. 

We are seeking to create a presence in markets where potential growth and prosperity can occur in order to engage potential clients in various areas. 

As our expansion continues, we are determined to collaborate with marketing/sales professionals who can display specialized marketing techniques.


  • Become familiar with The Scholarship Expert’s business materials and strategy 
  • Build a business relationship with new and existing customers in surrounding areas
  • Establish rapport with members of local, state, national, and international markets
  • Tracks sales and feedback and adjusts marketing strategies as necessary
  • Participate in calls with The Scholarship Expert Team to track progress

The Scholarship Exert will provide the following:

  • Generous commission 
  • Basic marketing content 

To apply, click HERE.

Please send your resume/CV to [email protected] with any questions. 

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